Homework is both dreaded and favored by students around the world. Some might say it is a necessity for the students to learn, and others might think it is redundant and a waste of time.

Homework is believed to have existed for over a century and has had various effects on students throughout their education.

Since the time homework was invented, this practice has become very popular around the world. In this essay I will try to answer the question objectively and factually: Is homework necessary?

A study conducted amongst 4.300 students showed that over 56% considered homework to be the primary source of stress, and others addressed increased levels of anxiety, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and weight loss (ACS International Schools, 2018).

Homework can also highlight social differences, as not all students can get the same amount of help at home for various reasons.

This can be seen as unfair and imbalances the students’ level of education. Homework is considered to be invented by Italian pedagogue Roberto Nevilis as a punishment to his students (Through Education, 2020).

Some people can benefit from limited amounts of homework, instead of daily tasks.

They can be substituted with weekly tasks or a more individually orientated workflow where you work with the same tasks at school and home.

This means that the students can structure their work themselves, and work from home if needed.

This is an adequate merge of both sides previously stated and is favorable amongst most students.