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Chapter one

1) It is called Suicide Heights because apparently people jump off his building. They are committing suicide.

2) I think his hobby is writing music lyrics.

3) They are playing football. And they are not in the park because people have warned the kids about perverts and child murderers being there.

4) Seems like a bad neighborhood.

Chapter 2

1) He said it is a cupboard. It was small. And when he got older and taller it got even more smaller, and there wasn’t even place for drawers or a wardrobe.

2) He didn’t like living there, because him and his mom didn’t have a good relationship

3) Tells him to work harder at school and him writing lyrics isn’t enough.

4) His sister.

5) Tony Montana in Scarface. Because he was a somebody and then he became somebody.

Chapter 5

1) He got grounded for 1 month and had curfew, to be home by 6.30 every night. And if he doesn’t get his grades up his father would send him back to Ghana.

2) That he turned into a whimp.

3) Because people thought they were stupid geeks and didn’t count.

4) Like how the woman in no. 21 lefts her two little kids alone while she went to the pub. And after 2 hours she`ll come home drunk with different men.

And how the girl in their class would snick out after her mom would go to work at night to meet some man and then shell be dropped home the next day in a BMW.

5) Because everything at Deptford changed that night.

6) Because his mind got foggy.

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