What are stereotypes? Stereotypes are a though of how a certain group of people are, for example, about nationalities or certain groups of people.

Even though people from these groups or nationalities does not match the stereotypes, these still exist. A good example for stereotypes is Canada and USA.

These two countries got a lot of stereotypes and thoughts about each other. Stereotypes are a common phrase in the daily life.

Without us thinking about it some of us have already made an opinion about a certain type of people.

These stereotypes can bought be harmful and damaging. Some stereotypes are way out of hand, and some are meant as joke.

How can we draw the line between harmful and funny? Why do we have stereotypes and were do they come from?

You have probably heard about the stereotyping between Canada and USA, whether you’ve been watching how I met your mother or been paying attention.

Either way you know that this would be a problem to a lot of people, some might see it as disrespectful and other as a joke.

But when goes the line for joke and harm? To understand why its like this between Canada and USA, its important to keep in mind that these to countries are neighbors, and what are neighbors often doing?

Arguing. In the same way as we make jokes about Sweden, USA does the same.

Making stereotypes about for example, the Canadian ice hockey, their beer, the way they talk and other parts that aren’t harmful and hurting are totally okay, just not when the jokes are about the country.

As every other country you are supposed to have respect, you will respect the flag, the nation and the people.

For example, people from USA say that the Canadian flag look like weed. There are exceptions on what okay to joke about, and these are important to follow.

You shouldn’t be joking about the flag, the country, their nationality, ethnics, religion and other harmful jokes that violate the country.