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Workplaces usually have a variety of different people, personalities, values and attitudes. All of these individual differences can be both a negative and a positive to the work environment.

When looking for someone that can do the work efficiently, the employer has to consider all of the factors above.

Friday. John chooses to respond in a defensive and impolite way to the employer about how horrible the customer was and how great of an employee he is.

He frequently describes the situation by using inappropriate language which makes him seem impolite and rude.

Here are some examples of the inappropriate language he used, “shut up”, “get rid of her”, “flipping difficult”, “bullshit”, “sick of dealing with difficult people” and “old brat”.

Instead of apologizing and owning up to his mistakes he puts the blame on the customer, his colleagues and employer. This again shows how irresponsible an d childish John is in a work environment.

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