Workplaces usually have a variety of different people, personalities, values and attitudes. All of these individual differences can be both a negative and a positive to the work environment.

When looking for someone that can do the work efficiently, the employer has to consider all of the factors above.

Friday. John chooses to respond in a defensive and impolite way to the employer about how horrible the customer was and how great of an employee he is.

He frequently describes the situation by using inappropriate language which makes him seem impolite and rude.

Here are some examples of the inappropriate language he used, “shut up”, “get rid of her”, “flipping difficult”, “bullshit”, “sick of dealing with difficult people” and “old brat”.

Instead of apologizing and owning up to his mistakes he puts the blame on the customer, his colleagues and employer.

This again shows how irresponsible an d childish John is in a work environment.

Then we have our responsible, humble, respectful and polite Fred which is representing a good employee.

Already at the start of the conversation we see that he is polite and friendly by answering his employer back with a “good morning!”.

He then then proceeds to ask about the employer’s weekend out of respect. He uses appropriate language, is polite, apologized right away and overall explained the situation in a good way to his employer.

He took responsibility over the customers dissatisfaction and set it as a goal to satisfy the customer, because the motto of the employer is that “the customer is always right”.

This shows how loyal Fred is towards his workplace. He wants a good and comfortable atmosphere and therefore apologizes and takes full responsibility over his actions.

You can tell that the employer is pleased by how polite Fred is, and how fast he took reasonability. Here you see the difference between how the employer ended each interaction with John and Fred.

The conversation ends with a more friendly remark and some praise towards Fred, while John gets criticized and left on a bad note.

The difference between John and Fred is how they tackle getting criticized. John puts the blame on everyone else but himself, while Fred takes full blame and even askes the employer how he can improve himself in the future.