Culture describes “the way of life of a group of people”( citizens )It can be described in many ways, but culture is when groups of people decide to live their life.

It can depend on the colour of your skin, the food you eat, beliefs, orientation, sexual identity and more.

I'm going to talk about the differences between cultures, and complications that can arise when crossed with another culture, and of course the positive sides to it.

I´m going to use different beliefs, and sexual preferences as an example in this essay. As a way of putting the subject in perspective.

When two cultures meet, it can be challenging to see each other, which leads to misunderstandings.

It is because of the differences, and the struggle to understand and talk to each other. People with different sexual orientation was not as direct and open about it before, as they are now.

When people of different cultures come together, they can build relations and create understanding.

But it can also create complications and big conflicts. Take SIAN, the deislamization group in Norway, often has public events, where they use their freedom of speech full out.

They’ve set fire to the koran in front of many bible with that belief. This meeting of different culture, with such negative aspects, can create big complications.

In this example, the results were violence and drastic use of words against each other.